For people without disabilities,technology makes things easier.

For people with disabilies,technology makes things possible.

Senscoordination 3D Cervical Trainer.

Senscoordination 3D Cervical Trainer with optional NMC software (exercising within shapes) and optional NMC Pro software (exercising over patterns).


  • Arm
  • neck
  • shoulder complaints
  • Postural control
  • Whiplash
  • Degenerative diseases
  • Vertebral dysfunction
  • Dystrophy

Tilt View for representation of Flection/Extension and Lateral FlectionSensamove has developed a new innovative sensor product for not only measuring tilting but also rotation and displacements in 3 dimensions. With this technology Sensamove enables you to measure, exercise and play games not limited to sitting balance (Sensbalance Therapy Cushion) and standing balance (Sensbalance MiniBoard), but also for other body parts. Initially Sensamove introduces the cervical application.Besides cranio-cervical flection/extension and lateral flection, now also interactive measuring and practicing axial rotation and protraction/retraction is made possible. In the software you can choose between two different views to get the three dimensional movement represented on your screen:

  • Pen View for representation of Flection/Extension and Axial Rotation
  • Tilt View for representation of Flection/Extension and Lateral Flection

Cervical Trainer 3D brochure

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Exercise Sheet Cervical Trainer