For people without disabilities,technology makes things easier.

For people with disabilies,technology makes things possible.


NMC Pro stands for Neuro Muscular Control Pro and exists of fully customizable coordination tests, where a user has to move the red cursor over a presented pattern. The shape, size, orientation and position on the screen are adjustable. A choice can be made between predictable or unpredictable patterns.

The software shows how well somebody can move over the patterns and reports accuracy, speed and smoothness. Once a test is defined and performed, the same test can be repeated a next time easily by selecting the last result and clicking on one button. In this way test results during the total physiotherapy treatment period can be compared fast and easily.

NMC PRO works both with Therapy Cushion, MiniBoard, and 3D Cervical Trainer.

Tilt View & Pen View

When using the 3D Cervical Trainer the feedback can be presented at choice in the Tilt View (Flection-Extension, Lateral Flection) or the Pen View (Flection-Extension, Axial Rotation)

Fully customizable feedback

The movement cursor and the movement trajectory can be shown or hidden. Furthermore, different types of target following are possible.